The temperature is toasty for two / I’m warmer in the winter with you – Lindsey Stirling

I got asked the other day about how I dress in the winter to be warm but also feel cute. I needed a bit of time to think about the matter because honestly, I have no idea. In the autumn it’s still doable and now in November it’s still really warm for the season (which is a bit scary, because global warming), but once the proper winter hits Finland there’s really not much you can do. It gets really cold. I’ll try to ramble a bit on the things that I do know though, so I hope this will help!

Personally, I get cold the instant that the temperature drops under 0 degrees Celsius. Once I am cold I also have huge issues with getting my body temperature back up. Usually, I solve it with having a hot bath or shower but figuring out a better way of staying warm while outside. I’m also very much an indoors person, so I can’t talk about staying outside for longer periods of time since I avoid it like the plague usually.

But what can you do to try keeping the cold away? Layers. Lots and lots of layers. If I want to wear a skirt or dress I wear two pairs of tights at the moment and might even add over-the-knee socks if it’s super chilly. I also know people who wear triple layers of tights when necessary. I’m also looking into getting myself a pair of nude-ish tights with a fleece lining in order to be able to wear fewer layers and to be able to wear skirts through the winter.

Another thing besides layers that is super important is what material your clothes are made of. I bought a skirt and was surprised that it was actually made of wool and it’s so warm and easy to wear into winter colds. Don’t be afraid of paying that slight extra buck for quality, get shirts woolly shirts and knits that look good but are also super warm. Get a good winter coat in bright colors or with a print that you like.

So where do you find cute clothing? I shop mainly online nowadays. Sometimes I can find things in the local high street stores depending on the trends that are around. Depending a bit on what kind of style you are going for you might need to search more or less, but the internet does have a wide variety nowadays. Besides the internet DO look into buying second-hand items. Search the local shops and charity shops for those special pieces that will last another lifetime and that were made to last.

I hope that I at least somewhat answered the question! If there’s anything else that you want to see on the blog: Do leave your comments below. I’m super excited about writing more about things that you are curious about.