I do watch a lot of Youtube. – Maisie Williams

I wanted to do something lighthearted now in between and figured it could be fun to see what kind of people I follow on Youtube! I wanted to take the list down to a 10 or 5 but I just couldn’t do it. I also hope that this might say a bit about me as a person, so do enjoy. I’ll be linking my favorite videos from the channels here for your enjoyment. I know this is a lot, so feel free to check the videos out in your own time.

The Know

The Know is where I go for my gaming news. I like their style and that they are pretty up-to-date with their information but also do roundup style videos where you can get a lot of information quickly. I also really like their style and they have some pretty cool people in their crew.


It might be a bit cheesy, but yeah. I’m giving my sister a shout out here. I do actually like her content though so de check her out!


Pixielocks’ channel is a colorful and glittery place. She does quite a lot of lifestyle content centered around cute fashion, design, and cosplay. She is quite a quirky persona and definitely has her won style, but I love it.


TomSka is a Youtuber that I picked up via my SO, but really started to like. His humor can be a bit off for my taste sometimes, but his CONTENT is great. I really miss his Last week vlogs though…


The Escapist channel has at least used to have a lot of other content, but now that it’s only Zero Punctuation I have very happily subscribed. Game reviews are a serious business… on other places of the internet.

Extra Credits

Extra Credits is another gaming themed channel. They do educational videos and explain things from the industry, as well as analyze some of its ups and downs from a developers point of view. As an example here is a video about choice paralysis.

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is the first ASMR channel to appear on this list and I just admire her videos and love them. Her fantasy series is just gorgeous. Everything you see in the background is real and the sheer amount of detail in her work is amazing. My absolute favorite character of her’s is Maybell and I love watching all of the videos if I need a calm moment.

James Charles

I follow a few beauty-gurus on Youtube, but James Charles is definitely my favorite. He is so energetic and unapologetically himself. His makeup looks are also GORGEOUS and his tutorials are good.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

How many gay disabled Youtubers do you follow? I actually follow one, but I really find her to be an inspiration. She has so many educational and informative videos about disability, especially deafness. I also love her vintage style and her tutorials. Her channel is also one of the few where I’m going through all her old videos when she hasn’t posted anything that day.

Lovely Lor

Lovely Lor is one of the few more regular Lolita / Jfashion Youtubers that I follow. Her style is gorgeous, albeit a bit sweet for my taste, and her videos are always entertaining.

Lydia Elise Millen

I found Lydia’s channel through my sister and wasn’t really sure it was my thing at the start. Once I had watched her videos for about a month I figured that maybe it was my thing. It’s interesting to see someone with such a different lifestyle and follow their life. She is more into luxury products and a healthy life and I can just feel inspired while watching. With some hard work that could be me. I’d just be poofier, girlier and with glitter.

Molly Burke

I can’t really remember where I stumbled upon Molly’s videos but she is such a wonderful woman. She is blind and does quite a few informational videos about her disability, but also shows how her life looks like. She is so energetic and cheery that you just can’t help but fall in love.

Safiya Nygaard

I found Safiyas’ channel through her work at Buzzfeed. She has her own style of trying out the weird things you find on the internet so that you don’t have to. Everything from weird clothing to Frankenstein makeup where she mixes all of her lipsticks together.


Womble’s videos are absolutely my guilty pleasure. He is not politically correct, not safe for work and so hilarious. Sadly he isn’t as active anymore, as he was last year, but he still comes out with new videos every few months. He puts in a lot of work in his videos though so it’s so worth the wait.

Philip DeFranco

The DeFranco Show is also something that my SO introduced me to. It’s one of the few ways that I get my news, especially from the US, and I have the habit of watching his videos pretty much daily. He has a great style and a great team behind me so it’ll be interesting to see how his channel evolves as he is starting his own news network.