It’s finally Friday and time to relax! My absolutely favorite way to calm down after a long day or week is having a long, hot bath. Preferably together with a good book, but otherwise I will just be scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for various inspiration.

I’ve never really been a big person for bubble baths, but sometimes it’s fun to play around with. I usually use a scented shower gel for foam. I do like bath salts, but my absolute favorite has to be bath bombs. Now I usually get mine from The Body Shop (not sponsored, btw) as they are small and inexpensive for daily use. If I feel fancy and have been traveling to Helsinki I usually pop by LUSH (also not sponsored) to get a few for special occasions. I adore their Intergalactic bath bomb and hope I could get around to buying it more often. The color is absolutely gorgeous and you sparkle for quite a while thanks to the glitter.

I will be on Vasabladet this weekend! The article will be going up on Saturday on their website and in the physical paper on Sunday most likely. Follow me on my socials as I will be linking that everywhere once I get my hands on it.

I also didn’t post my stream from yesterday since apparently one needs to download them immediately after the stream or you need to find an app to do it. You live and you learn.