The way most people fail is in not keeping up the heart.

Lady Gregory

As everyone may have noticed I haven’t posted here in… a while. It’s mainly because I just really wasn’t enjoying it. I struggled with blogging, having pictures taken and they didn’t ever really relate to what I was writing about which didn’t really sit well with me. It was more as if I was copying what others were doing and mimicking what was popular instead of doing my own thing.

Yet somehow I still have 29 Drafts in my backlog. I have so many topics I would like to write about; like Dungeons & Dragons, witchcraft, alternative fashion things, my new characters, and creative writing… The list could go on forever. That is also the key here: WRITING. For me, the focus on a blog has always been the text as the main content, but I was always afraid that if I don’t have any pictures in no one will read my posts. Since everybody else have so many pictures that fit their content a text-only blog would likely not do very well. Which is probably correct too if I look at making my blog more than just a hobby.

I got very disheartened by the pressure to create really good content without thinking if it was content I enjoyed making.

Now that I have taken a properly long break and I am considering continuing writing blog posts again. Most likely not regularly for now, but if I get things rolling again, who knows? But my content will likely look very different. I will try and incorporate pictures where I can, but if I can’t then it will be all text.

The focus will be more on creating content that I would like to read. I will try to do things the right way this time: by focusing on content first and popularity later. I will still keep my little quotes at the top going on every post, and try to keep a similar content as before.

If you want to see more of my other content you can always follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (@alikai.wonderland)! I am mostly active on TikTok currently as it is the platform I enjoy the most. I have really started to like the format and the different kinds of content I can produce there.

Otherwise, stay tuned for more posts here. Slowly, but steadily.