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This will be a spoiler free review, so no need to worry if you haven’t seen the series yet.

Kakeguri is an anime that’s been on my radar for quite some time now and I finally got around to watch it while in Helsinki. I watched both the live-action drama and the anime on Netflix. I really love how they have lots of self-created games. The games are usually variations on existing gambling games to create something more interesting. Both the live-action and the anime are done really well, though personally I slightly prefer the live-action version. It gives a bit more background and has a slower pace that is easier to follow in my opinion. It also uses some very interesting techniques for visual storytelling that stick out more than in the anime.

The characters are very well made in my opinion and the creator has definitely given thought about all the games featured. They are well designed and functioning, as well as there being different ways of cheating in said games. As a viewer, you don’t really ever made feel stupid about not seeing how the strings are pulled which is also a bonus. I know that I will be snatching some of those games into any tabletop games I will be GMing, in case the players ever visit a casino… My favorite games were Double Concentration and Tarot Cards of Fate.

The anime goes a bit further in the story and the season was well rounded off. There isn’t a set end, but also no cliffhanger. I really do like that since it doesn’t create an instant hype and need for a second season. A second season has been announced, even if there is not a release date. I am definitely excited and looking forward to it!

I will give the series 4 out of 5 chips.