My inspiration comes from the people I may not know but see all around me. – Jeanne Damas

I am traveling towards Helsinki today for Ropecon and some prep work for the con! Since I will be in a car all day I figured I would share something that’s kind of related? Generally, I spend a lot of my travel times scrolling through Instagram and especially a few of my favorite Instagrammers. So here are ten of my favorite people to follow on Instagram! I mainly follow people with fashion and cosplay accounts, but there’s also a few artists and a bunch of friends and family mixed in there.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
First of all, I need to give this amazing woman another shout out! I mentioned her already in my Youtube favorites post, but I her Instagram is also very much a fashion inspiration for me. I love vintage styles but have never really gotten around to actually getting anything in that style. Currently, I am VERY tempted on ditching most of my jeans for skirts and dresses… just saying.

Kuri does a lot of cosplay and Ouji style posts. Her boystyle looks are absolutely gorgeous and her Levi cosplay is on point.

Saija does both modeling and lolita fashion. Her looks are always amazing and one of my main inspirations for my own lolita style.

Claire Max
I found Claire’s account also through lolita, but she does quite a lot of other styles as well. I am also very much in love with her makeup looks!

Qing Han
I have been following Qinni’s art first on DeviantArt back in the day, but relatively recently found her Instagram. I adore her art style and her pieces are always so creative.

Zacharias Holmberg
Keeping up with the art accounts I have to mention my friend Zacharias. His art style is amazing and he has quite a bit of variety in his repertoire. He also does books and is the creator of Project Serenai.

TinYasuo is a Danish cosplayer that can morph essentially into any character ever. He is an amazing crafter and I can’t help but be a bit jealous of the amount of detail in his gorgeous cosplays.

Gehe is a Spanish cosplayer and artist. His costumes are so on point and I can’t wait to see his full Breath of the Wild Link cosplay!

Meg Turney (NSFW)
Meg is someone that I found first through Youtube. She does cosplay and modeling among many things and is such a rolemodel and inspiration for me.

Jessica Nigri (NSFW)
Jessica is also one of my cosplay role models. She is an amazing crafter, funny and such a beautiful person. She does quite a lot of sexy cosplays and she is still her quirky self while doing it.