Costume is a huge part of getting into character. Your body soaks in what you’re wearing, and you turn into someone else. – Jane Levy

I bought this cosplay from Lizz (kat.suki) back in the day and am finally more or less ready to wear it. I thought I would have to take it in at a few spots, but apparently, it isn’t too big for me anymore! The character is called Lucifer and is from the series Umineko When They Cry. I loved the anime and have spotted both the manga and the Visual Novel in the Wild but haven’t been able to get my own hands on it yet. I am still missing boot covers and finishing cutting the wig and after that, it will be all done!

My plan is to wear this to Ropecon, but with the current heatwave, I have no idea if it will be possible. I am hoping on getting pictures taken at least so hopefully, I will have something to post after the convention after all!

Red jacket, red vest and white shirt. Pink tie

Red jacket, red vest, golden buttons, white shirt and pink tie

Red jacket detail, pink and black patch

Black skirt, golden eagle design, red and white layers

P.S. Sorry for the sudden hiatus last week. Working in a 30+ degrees Celsius room just wasn’t possible… but now we have a ceiling fan so I have everything back up and running again!