Fashion is the most beautiful illusion you can have. – Alessandro Michele

I have been following the lolita fashion since roughly 2009 and am now slowly actually starting to gather up my own wardrobe. I figured it could be interesting for you to read a bit about the fashion, what all the fuss is about and also how to start your own wardrobe and finding your style of lolita. This first post is here to explain what the fashion is about. A quick history lesson, what the rules of the fashion are and also clearing up a few basic misconceptions people tend to have. I will put a link down to all my sources at the end of the post in case you want to know more.


The fashion started to appear in Japan in the 90s. The fashion looked a lot frumpier back then and started to look more like its modern counterpart in the early 2000s. This is also the time where magazines such as Fruits, KERA and Gothic & Lolita Bible started to show pictures of girls dressing in the style that is now called Old School Lolita. The style has kept on evolving since then and looks very different from then, but kept some of the base rules through the ages. The name of the fashion, Lolita, is quite debated due to people incorrectly connecting it to the book by Nabokov, but still, it has stuck around. Nobody is sure about the origins of the name, however.


Rules & Aesthetic

This is where people tend to get a bit scared. How can one actually express themselves with so, many restrictions? The rules are definitely more like guidelines, but the more you stick to them, in the beginning, the easier it becomes to break them as you go. The aesthetic, in general, is very feminine, youthful, and cute. You want to keep your look delicate and modest, but also pay attention to the details. Your hair and makeup should also look put together as the style isn’t exactly casual.

Here is a list of what you will need for a basic coordinate:

  • Hair accessory
  • Jewelry, accessories, a bag or purse
  • Blouse or cutsew
  • A skirt, jumperskirt or one-piece dress
  • A petticoat and bloomers
  • Legwear
  • Shoes
  • Outerwear (in case you live somewhere cold)

All of this might seem like a lot, but in the end, this is just to keep the look cohesive to the style. Personally, I usually skip out on quite a lot of the jewelry as I have a hard time finding things I like. I am looking into buying some necklaces at least, but as my arms and hands are really tiny I have trouble finding bracelets and rings. Earrings are usually a bit of a waste as they are covered by my hair or wig most of the time. I know that I personally still lack some wristbands to go with my looks as my wrists are too tiny for most bracelets. I might be making some myself one day, so be on the lookout for a tutorial!

Pictures are taken and edited by AnnaxEmilia

The blogs I used as sources:
F Yeah Lolita
Lolita Handbook