It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

In case you missed it, Yle X3M made an article about me and lolita fashion this weekend! I am absolutely stoked about the attention the article has gotten so far. I have gotten a few messages and a lot of shares on that article so it will be interesting to see if anything comes from this. Either way, I did not expect that me blogging about my hobbies would be interesting. So thank you to everyone who keeps reading my blog!

You might also have noticed that my pictures are looking a bit different now from time to time. Mainly because I am learning how to edit them myself! Previously my pictures have been taken and edited by my sister, but now I’m slowly learning how to edit them myself. I am definitely not great at the job yet, but I’m getting there slowly. Any (and all help) tips are much appreciated!

Besides all that I will also be starting to take Japanese class again. I’ve been a bit bothered by the fact that I never really learned that properly, now I get to change that. I have been keeping a bit of the rust off by watching anime and doing my occasional Duolingo session, but I mainly recognize a few words here and there currently.

I have also gotten a bit of response on my DnD posts, so as it is looking now I will actually be GMing a campaign this autumn! I still have two spots left in my group, so in case you are in Vaasa and comfortable with playing in both Swedish and English, feel free to send me a message. New players are also welcome, so no need to worry even if you haven’t played before.

School is also starting this week so expect a post about my relations with school and how it hasn’t been all peachy on Friday. Before that, I have an anime review scheduled as well as a DnD storytime, so stay tuned.