The Ubisoft conference didn’t really come with any surprises for me. There also weren’t really that many titles that I was super interested in, so this will be quite a light post in between all the others. That might be for the better as there still is a third post on it’s way today!

Just Dance 2019 didn’t really come as a surprise by now, but it was still nice to see a new game in the series. I haven’t bought a new dancing game essentially ever, so it would be nice to get a cool new party game to play with friends. I know that some earlier rendition used a camera to track you, so I have no idea if it’s going to need some extra gear to be able to run. Still seems like a fun addition to our game library! The game’s release date is in October 2018.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 does feel and look like a game up my alley. It’s a prequel to the first game and can be played alone or co-op. It’s also nice that the game is open to getting the community involved in the creation process as well. Together with Hit Record people can already get involved with the Space Monkey Program and have their work appear in the finished game. Based on the trailer I also really feel like the setting would be something really enjoyable and gives a good frame for the story. Sadly there is still no release date for the game.

I haven’t really played or watched someone play an Assassin’s Creed since Brotherhood. I didn’t really have any expectations for the game as it was pretty much the worst kept secret of the industry, but once I saw the trailer… I actually liked it. The game is set in ancient Greece and that already peaked my curiosity. What got my interest though was the possibility to pick your main character. Out of the two options, one character is a woman. With that combination, I have to admit that I am honestly interested in the game now. The plot also looks really good and I am curious to find out more about how the story unfolds and how exactly your choices influence it. The release date is set for October 5th, 2018.

You can find the full conference here: UbiE3

…and that is all for this post! I will see you again in a few hours with the PC Gaming conference news.