Hello again!

Square Enix didn’t have a press conference per ce, but they did have a showcase of their upcoming games. Most of the titles just had a trailer of some sort so not much information, but enough to peak my interest for these five at least.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of those games where I never really got into the series, but am still curious about. The game looks nice and like something I would enjoy though the combat shown in this showcase felt a bit brutal. I don’t mind a bit of violence in my games, but as I have felt that Tomb Raider is more of an action RPG with a bunch of puzzles to solve it felt off. It might not be as big of a deal in the actual game as there is more content to space it out with. I am going to keep my eye out for some gameplay first before making up my mind. The release is set for September 14th, so the game is actually quite close to being released. I also realize that school starts about that time so… We’ll wait and see what happens.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a stand-alone game set in the Life is Strange universe. It gives the players a peek into the world beyond the first games but also gives hints about coming characters in season two of Life is Strange. I still haven’t gotten around to play Life is Strange, but I liked the setting of the trailer of Captain Spirit. I like the idea of seeing how a child handles real life in possibly traumatic or a negative world so I will give this game a try once it’s out. The games release date is June 26th and it will be completely free!

Octopath Traveler was one of those games where I did enjoy the visuals a lot, but am not really sure of before I see some gameplay. It seemed like a traditional JRPG with some vintage bitty graphics which I am not 100% certain on. It is for the Switch though so it could be a fun game to play while on the road at least. The game’s release is also coming up pretty soon! It will be out on July 13th.

Just Cause is one of those games that is really fun to play occasionally, but that is a bit tedious to finish. It will still be interesting to see how much new content there actually is in Just Cause 4 besides the extreme weather and overhauled vehicle controls. This might be one of those titles that are fun to watch someone stream or do a Let’s Play video of in the end, but we shall wait and see. A bit of chaos has never really hurt anyone. The game is set to release December 4th this year.

You can find the full showcase here: Square Enix E3 Showcase.

Later today I still have the Ubisoft and PC Gaming conferences coming up so stay tuned!