Nintendo was one of the conferences I was most excited for, and somehow I am surprised that there wasn’t really that much that was revealed. There were quite a few titles in the end though and I definitely picked out my favorites.

Mario party games are pretty much a staple in the Nintendo line up. The games are fun little party games to play together and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they have updated the formula for the Switch. I am also a bit curious about how you get more than two players hooked up to the same Switch and if it’s even possible. The game will be released on October 5th this year.

More fun party games! Overcooked is a game that I actually have managed to “avoid” so far, but have heard quite a lot of good about. It’s one of those hectic party games that will most likely spin out into shouting and laughing your bum off. Trying to fill out orders with more than one chef in the kitchen is easier said than done after all. The game is coming to Switch on August 7th.

Now… I’m not really sure why I am so hyped about this game. It’s just somehow so cute and with a good cast of female characters. I am usually not a big fan of fighting games, but this I just can’t say no to. There something about having an idol soundtrack and colorful aesthetic that speaks to me I guess. The game will be released on September 7th this year.

The World Ends With You is a game that I have been so bitter to have missed out on. My friend had it on DS back in the day and I have always wanted to try it, but it has been practically impossible to find on the second-hand market. Thankfully it’s coming out for the Switch now with a Final Remix Edition! As the game was heavily influenced by the studios Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories it felt like just up my alley. There isn’t a set date for the release, but it should be out in the fall this year.

Super Smash Bros. has been a game series that I enjoyed a lot for the Gamecube back in the day, so I am happy to see the expected return of the series to the Switch. It’s also nice to see that all fighters that have ever appeared in the game are now available as well as a few newcomers. Definitely looking forward to figuring out how to attach a Gamecube controller to the game as well as they are supposed to be compatible. The game will release December 7th this winter.

Were there any titles that I missed? You can find the full conference here: Nintendo Direct.

And that is all for my E3 conference covering! I will be streaming on Instagram at 3 PM today, so in an hour when this post goes up, and on Twitch at 5 PM. See you there!