In case you have missed it this weekend the E3 Expo’s press conferences have kicked off. It’s one of the biggest events in the video gaming industry held annually in Los Angeles. In the coming days, you will hear my opinions on the releases and news that are presented at the event. So far EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver have had their conferences and on the right you can see the schedule for all of the conferences by Fanatical. Personally, I am most interested in Bethesda’s, Square Enix’s, Playstation’s and Nintendo’s shows and am really looking forward to hearing what they have coming up. In this first post, I will be sharing my opinions and thoughts on the news from the EA E3 2018 press conference

There wasn’t really anything big I was looking forward to as EA usually has a pretty big focus on their main Intellectual Properties like Fifa and Madden. Nothing really new in that area as I have never really been a fan of sports games. It is nice to see that there were quite a lot of central female characters in the trailers for the games presented. It really signals that the industry is starting to recognize female gamers as well and that they get more visibility in the games that we play. I loved to see that Play To Give would be donating the money to an anti-bullying campaign as well as the feminist He For She movement. I also applaud EA for saying that the goals for these movements aren’t something that should be strived for, but should be the standard. It was also nice to see that the main character for Battlefield V seems to be a woman.

Seeing Battlefront II at the event and acknowledging that the launch wasn’t all smooth, which is the understatement of the year. It seems like they have learned their lesson though and are rolling out some new content. It was also interesting to see that EA was getting more into the mobile gaming competition with their new Command & Conquer: Rivals game.

Now for the games that I actually am interested in!

First of all, there was Unravel two. I have not played the first game but based on the short trailer and gameplay it looked like a really cute and family-friendly co-op game. I have been looking for more games to play together with my friends and SO and Unravel definitely seems like it could be a good addition to our game library. Unravel two is also already out, so if cute platformers with co-op are your thing do check it out!

Sea of Solitude was the next game that peaked my interest. The game has a female protagonist, which is great, and the concept of the game seemed really interesting. The main character has been turned into a monster due to loneliness and during the game you will find out why this has happened. You will also learn to balance your characters emotions during the game and that will be the key to turning back into a human. Based on that description I really think that the game could be something up my alley and an interesting experience. Loneliness is a theme that is easy to relate to and I am really looking forward to trying this game out. It will still be a wait to get your hands on the title as the game is set to release in early 2019.

Of course, I saved the best and the biggest for last. Anthem was teased already last year and admittedly I was very skeptical about the title. It seemed a lot like Destiny to me and I wasn’t really all too excited about it. This year we got to find out a bit more about the game and I am much more curious about it. The game is mixing single- and multiplayer-gaming together which I haven’t really experienced before. You will be able to team up with your friends or strangers during missions, but while returning and choosing missions you will be in your own hub of some sort. The setting is also very beautiful and makes my exploration senses tingle. Bioware, the developer, also confirmed that the game is designed so that they can add more story to the game for years to come so clearly they have definitely high hopes for the title. I was also happy to hear that there wouldn’t be any loot boxes in the game considering that EA is more or less notorious for adding micro-payments to everything important in their games now. I am still cautious about how they will actually do monetization. At least they promised that there would be no way to buy power in the game. Either way, this is still a game that I will add to my To Buy -list. Anthem is set to release on February 22nd in 2019.

Are there any titles here that you are interested in or that you have heard rumors about? If you want to see the whole conference yourself you can find it here: EA Play 2018

Remember also to come back during the week for my opinions on other releases from this week and for a round up on Friday with the most exciting news that came out this week.

See you tomorrow!