As promised here comes my thoughts on the Bethesda conference! Thankfully there are quite a lot fewer titles to cover than in the Microsoft conference so I might actually be able to share a few more in-depth opinions here. Bethesda is one of my favorite developers out there together with Square Enix, Nintendo, and Bandai Namco so I was very excited for this conference. I really liked the conference as they could kind of laugh at themselves, but the Rage 2 presentation just felt cringy. All the other presentations went very smoothly luckily and it was very easy to sit through.

I won’t be covering the games in order of presentation this time. I’m also skipping out on some more update or DLC related news as most of those had already been released. If that is something that interests you, however, there will as always be a link at the bottom of this post to the full conference.

Starting with new things that still have little to no information out. I’m happy about knowing that there is a new Elder Scrolls game in the works, but it feels a bit odd to not know anything about it. I’m pretty sure the depths of the internet has already figured out where it is set based on that teeny tiny trailer, but I like to keep myself in suspense. Might have to keep waiting for a while. Another title that was presented, but that we don’t have much information on is Starfield. A brand new IP from Bethesda that is very likely set in space. I am very curious about what the game will be about so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more information as it is released.

Continuing on the Elder Scrolls theme Bethesda also revealed a mobile game in the same setting. Apparently, the game is inspired by Elder Scrolls Arena and it looked really great! It’s also free and you can already register for early access on mobile. It will also be coming to consoles and VR and it will be cross-platform. It’s supposed to be an RPG style game which makes me really excited. It’s interesting to see the bigger developers getting into the mobile side in a big way and I really hope that the game is good once it launches this fall.

Now, THIS is where things start to get really interesting. I played a bit of the first (re-booted) Wolfenstein game and thought it was actually pretty fun I kind of left it for other games at some point. I also have not played Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus that Youngblood is a spinoff from. I am still really excited for this title and so want to know more and the actual release date! Why? Because the main characters are TWIN SISTERS and daughters of the main character in Wolfenstein II.

It might seem a bit silly for some people to be hyped for female leads, but it makes my little geeky heart so happy to have seen a lot of leading female characters this year. Especially in games where you can be cool, though and kicking Nazi bums! It’s one of those things that you don’t really know you’re missing until you actually see the change happening. I, as a gamer, also feel way more welcome and valid now that there actually are more female characters in the games that I play. I don’t always have to default to playing a guy in most games without a character creator. No set release date though besides 2019 so I am looking forward to hearing more and hopefully soon!

And now for the title that was probably the most anticipated one for the show: Fallout 76. It’s a prequel to all the other Fallout games and is set in West Virginia. You will be playing one of the first settlers of the wasteland as This is the first Vault to open after the destruction of the world. Now the curious part about the game is that it is entirely online. It is something that fans have been asking for, more or less, for years so I understand the design choice, but as it is something very new it is also a thing that creates some questions. They did answer most of them during the conference, but as someone who prefers single player games due to a certain amount of toxicity in online games… It makes me a bit iffy about the new game. I do like the concept and it looks like essentially Fallout 4 that can be played with friends, but adding a way to actually launch missiles at set coordinates makes me feel a bit uneasy. Luckily a player can’t unlock the launch codes alone, but it won’t take long for clans to grind themselves to a set. Either way, I will try to get into the BETA to get a bit of a look at how that system actually works and if my worries are unwarranted.

The Collector’s Edition for the game also looks really, really nice. They have a tendency of selling out quickly and to be expensive, but getting your hands on a functioning and wearable T-51 Power Armor helmet would be an awesome addition to our living room decor or office. The map was also very nice and, quoting Todd Howard, it glows in the fucking dark. We have a bunch of other game maps up in our office and I think it would look great in that collection.

The game is set to release November 14th, 2018. It was also revealed that Fallout Shelter, the free to play mobile game released as a hype-builder for Fallout 4, is now out for PS4 and the Switch in case you haven’t gotten around to try it yet!

You can find the full conference here: BE3

That is all for today’s E3 news! Tomorrow I will be doing three posts at noon, 2 PM and 4 PM Finnish time so pop in then for more gaming news.