Finally, my E3 coverage week is over. Phuh. This was quite an ordeal to start with especially since I accidentally posted every day of the week… Oops. Depending a bit on how the next few weeks go I might adjust my schedule a bit since I realized that my body interprets my excitement for post writing as stress. Which over time becomes anxiety and that really, really sucks. I might delve deeper into my whole mental health situation (which isn’t as bad as it sounds in the end, but enough to bug me) later in a post, but for now, be prepared for schedule changes as I figure things out.

Today’s post will be on the positive note though! I figured I’d do a quick roundup of my top 5 games from E3 and just give my general opinion on what I saw as a whole. If you want to find my earlier posts about the presentations you will find them here:

First of all: There were so many games with female protagonists this year and one of them was openly gay! Compared to what I am used to seeing in games this felt like Christmas Eve. I was also very happy to hear that EA had defended Battlefield V and their female protagonist. Really bluntly as well as they said that if people have a problem with this they can either accept it or not buy the game. It really shows that the industry is trying to get better at inclusiveness. There might still be a long road ahead, but this is a very good start.

Now for my favorite games:

5 Division 2
Based on a few of the updates that were published at the Ubisoft conference I got really curious about this title. The story seems interesting and the gameplay smooth. the only thing that really worries me is if it’s as team heavy as the earlier game. Even if you could play Division 1 alone, technically, it did feel a bit too challenging at times as enemies soak burst upon burst of shots without taking any real damage.

4 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
I haven’t bought or been really interested in the Assassin’s Creed series for a while, but this game looks like it could genuinely be fun. I have always had a fascination with Greek mythology and history, so this does tickle my fancy. I still don’t get how my parents happily dragged me around those piles of rocks on our vacation trips… but apparently, it will work in Ubisoft’s favor all these years later! I am also looking forward to seeing how much the game changes depending on your choices and if there is a huge difference between playing a male or female mercenary.

3 The Last of Us Part II
I am starting to sense a theme here with liking games where you can play female characters… But that is one reason why The Last of Us Part II got into this list. Obviously, this is not the only reason in the end. The gameplay also looked really great, albeit a bit brutal, and this gives me the perfect reason to also play through the first game in the series hopefully.

2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
I kind of feel like placing a Super Smash Bros game this high in my list feels a bit safe and expected somehow. But This is one of the games that we had so much fun with on the Gamecube back in the day that I had to do it. Being able to play all those old characters as well as the new ones I missed by not owning Super Smash Bros. Brawl gets me quite excited. Fighting games are also usually popular with my friends so this is a good middle road with something a bit more fun, but where you still beat each other. I’m not excited enough to pre-order it, but definitely bying it ASAP when it’s out.

1 Kingdom Hearts III
First of all a quick update on an oopsie I did. The female character wasn’t a femme Riku, but a completely another character called Aqua that has fallen to the Darkness. This is how off I am with newer titles in the series sadly. But fear not, I have a bunch of Kingdom Hearts to binge on to catch up before January. I will also be playing in January, maybe even streaming as I cry out of happiness. Also, I have not just pre-ordered this game but ordered it in the Deluxe version because why the heck not. I can’t explain the amount of happiness this game brings me and how much it means to me. It might seem quite silly, it’s just a game after all, but there is so much emotional attachment to this story and characters. It feels like I grew up with them, even if I had to skip out on quite a lot of that by not owning any consoles that the games were released on. Now I can finally meet up with those old friends and see what life brings them and how much they have changed. Kind of like meeting a high school friend over coffee at a café to talk about your lives.

Now that will be it for me this week and don’t worry, next week will not be gaming related. As Kokkola Pride is this weekend I figured I would kick off Monday with a Pride-themed post and then continue with a kind of “get to know me” styles posts.  I wish you a happy weekend and leave you with the Theme Song from Kingdom Hearts III: Don’t Think Twice by Utada Hikaru.