Hear ye, hear ye! Where my party people at? Tonight at the castle there be a wicked rager! – Disenchantment

Another series I really liked on Netflix, hurray! I had Disenchantment on my list for a bit now since it came out but wasn’t really sure if I’d like it. I’ve watched Simpsons occasionally when there was nothing else on TV, so I figured this might run along the same lines. Nope! I really, really liked it and am already in desperate need of season 2. The humor was definitely up my alley and I did catch myself having to pause a few times since I was laughing so much. The plot is also really good also and got very intense at the end of the season.

Elfo and Luci are absolutely amazing as characters and funny sidekicks. They work very well together as well as separately. They also have a bit of character development, in my opinion, even if it isn’t too much. Bean isn’t as much in my taste, even if she isn’t in any way a bad main character. She kind of falls flat for me and feels a bit off. Otherwise, the characters and their backstories are really great in my opinion. There’s plenty of variation and personality in the whole cast.

I am definitely recommending to give this show a try if you already haven’t. It’s definitely one of my personal favorites! I give it 5 out of 5 ales.