The Light lives in all places, in all things. You can block it, even try to trap it, but the Light will find its way. And the Traveler will protect itself! – The Speaker, Destiny 2

I played Destiny and Destiny 2 on PS4 and really liked the game, but somehow it always did feel a bit off. For context: I have never really been good at or played a lot of FPS (First Person Shooter) games, so my aiming is… a thing. I have been playing quite a bit of games where the aim is more crucial on PC (think Skyrim and Fallout 4), so aiming with a mouse and keyboard is much more natural for me than using a controller. I also have a few friends that played on the Ps4, but they were already far ahead both skill and level wise, so it felt a bit off. Since it was on console I couldn’t play together with my SO either, so that was a bit of a bummer.

I heard through the grapevine that Destiny 2 was free on PC through the Blizzard launcher until the 18th of November as a first-year anniversary event I both I and my SO both jumped at the opportunity to get the game. Only the base game is included, so there is still the new expansion that you can buy if you fall for the game. It is not a requirement however, so you can play without expansion and enjoy it just as much as I currently am. Personally, I am very happy about being able to give the game a second proper chance without having to pay the extra sum for another copy. You also get to keep playing even after the deal ends, so it’s not just a temporary license to play with.

As I mentioned before I really did like the game already the first time around. The art is gorgeous, the story is much better defined than in the first game and don’t get me started on the soundtrack (I absolutely adore it). The first mission pulls you right into the game and even if I hadn’t finished all of the content of the first game it made my heart melt. There are a lot of feelings involved with that first hour of gameplay and cutscenes. I haven’t felt this pulled in by a story in quite a while actually, so even just for that I would recommend giving the game a spin. Especially for free.

So why am I praising it so much now that I get a chance to play it on PC even if I thought it was alright on PS4? Because now it feels right for me. I feel like the powerful Guardian that the game paints me to be. I play the Arcstrider subclass of the Hunter, so I am very much right in the thick of it in melee all the time. On PS4 I felt like I had to be super careful since I had trouble hitting enemies and stay on range most of the time to be able to take my time to pick off enemies. Now I just grab my Auto Rifle and get in there as I know I can at least hit center mass, which is more than enough usually.

I also have fire support from my SO, as we now can play together. That is a much bigger deal than I expected and it has changed quite a bit on how much I enjoy the game. He is most often my partner in crime and one of our “couple-things” is that we play together. In this case on PS4, we couldn’t even if we both enjoyed it since we only have one console. We also started our own clan together, so we can invite friends to join us easily. We are part of a clan on the PS4, but since this is through Blizzard we could create a new one for our PC characters. The old clan has also become very inactive (as far as we know) so it’s easier to manage with the two of us.

You also don’t really need to worry if you haven’t played the first game as everything central gets re-introduced very well.  In other words: Do pick up Destiny 2 if you have the chance. You can judge whether you want to buy the DLC or not on your own terms later, but do give the base game at least a try. See you on the frontlines.