Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing. – Robin Williams

I have been thinking of returning to Dungeon Mastering a Dungeons and Dragons game for quite a while now, but haven’t really had any ideas of what kind of campaign I want to run. Now I’m starting to have a few ideas at least! I’m also tempted on running a cyberpunk game, but as I want to find a game system I am comfortable with it could take a while before that goes anywhere.

I am tempted to write about the whole process here, giving hints and tips, and sharing how I create monsters and NPCs. I’ll try to keep things as spoiler-free as I can in case any of my players are going to read my posts. There might be a few posts that I can’t keep all spoiler free, but I will mark out those sections clearly.

DnD is a game that I have played for years now, on and off, but it is still very close to my heart. Especially now with the 5th edition, it’s so much easier to get started and get new players into it. The system is very streamlined and more roleplaying friendly. I previously played the 3.5 edition, which was quite fun, but it required reading so many books and a lot of number crunching. There are so many elements that you can use (and abuse) that there was too much to keep track of at some point. Of course, they weren’t a necessity, but depending on your players you might need to know even obscure rules.

I am very tempted on creating a world map myself for the case, using something existing as a base. I am highly considering using the Breath of the Wilds map as a base and guideline for my map, but I’ll have to see about that and how easy it will be to adapt to this game. As I am very familiar with LoZ in general compared to a lot of my players it does make it easier to control what players assume about my world. I will be making a whole post most likely about my world creation when I start to work on that.

Besides the world map, I will also work on quests, dungeons, and plots of different sort. I might keep some of this a bit more hush-hush to avoid spoilers, but I can write about my process there at least. That means I will also do some work on designing encounters, treasure, and NPCs that you can find out in the world. So there is quite a bit of work, but most of it is fun for me. I do struggle with combat encounters still, but that is one of the harder things to balance in a game.

In the end, the work is worth it though. There is something special about gathering around a table and going on an adventure with your friends. Telling a story together and experiencing life through someone else’s eyes is also something that is very giving to oneself. Even if you don’t truly experience it all yourself it does teach you a lot about empathy and being open minded.