The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her. – Marcelene Cox

Black Friday is a “holiday” I have very split feelings about. On the one hand, it is created for over-consumption and for people to buy things simply because they are on sale. Over-consumption is already a problem, so adding a holiday that is purely about buying things isn’t exactly going to solve that problem. I am not a minimalist on any sort of measure, but I am also trying to be much more aware of what I buy and that I buy things that last. So I do not agree with the general idea and message of Black Friday.

On the other, I personally do buy things on Black Friday specifically because they are on sale. I have bought a few Christmas gifts, some new clothes, and a few (digital) games since I could save a bit of money by buying them now. This is something I usually do though. If I know that there is a sale coming and there is something I need or have wanted for a long time I simply wait until then to buy it instead. So I might be adding to the statistic of people buying things for Black Friday, but they are also items that I would have bought either way.

In Finland, Black Friday also tends to bleed over into the whole week, as well as Cyber Monday, where shops and businesses do a lot of different deals. Some switch deals on a daily basis, some have a certain product on sale for the whole week or a mix of those two. I have seen deals range from -20% to -70% off mainly, but some also do “Buy X and Pay for Y” types of deals. Some deals are actually great, but some feel more like there’s a minimal percentage off. Like the business is trying to bait people into buying things “because it’s on sale” while the monetary difference could be minimal. I am not really a fan of those deals and generally avoid them unless it’s something that I actually happen to need.

So what did I buy on Black Friday this year? I bought some clothes, of which most weren’t on sale since the store had just opened. I had been waiting to buy new clothes after I sold or donated some of my old things since I knew the store was going to open. In the end, I didn’t buy much, which I’m quite surprised about, and only got myself some basics. I couldn’t really find anything that I wanted and I also realized I have become very picky about especially clothes. If the garment was even a bit see through I would just put it back instead of wearing it with a camisole or such and I only bought things I really like and really fit me. No half-assed “I’ll wear it someday” stuff at all.


Besides clothes, I also bought some Christmas gifts (which I obviously won’t spoil) and Sims 4 with some expansions. EA games are almost never on sale and the base game was at -70%, the expansion packs were -50% and the stuff packs were -20% so I almost screamed out of you when I happened to spot it. I have wanted to buy Sims 4 for a while, especially since I got to try it at a friends place, so I just jumped at that deal even if I didn’t plan on buying any games. My SO said that he had planned on buying it to me for Christmas, so it was more like an early Christmas gift with added bonuses. So I’m not too heartbroken about breaking my promise to myself.

Now I’m also curious: what is your opinion on Black Friday? Do you celebrate it buy shopping ’til you drop? Are you more on my lines of thought? Do you out of principle not buy anything? Leave your comments down below!