I have traveled quite a bit as long as I lived with my parents, but after that, it has died down for obvious reasons. There are still a bunch of places that I would love to visit, and I figured that I would share some of my dream travel destinations!


I Fell in love with Venice the first time I visited it with my family. It’s been quite some time since we last visited and I would love to go again. We only walked around half of the city anyway, so it would be interesting to see the other half. Interestingly enough my SO has also been to Venice, but they were only on the other side, so there is quite a lot that both have missed in the end. It would also be nice to see if the shops and restaurants we visited are still there. I would also definitely be staying at the same hotel as the last time since the location was so great and the breakfast was so good!


I don’t think anyone is surprised that Tokyo is on the list. I have been in love with manga and anime since I was a teen and with time that love has simply evolved to include music, fashion, and culture from Japan. Tokyo is a good and easy place to start as you can experience so much without being completely fluent in Japanese. Most of the YouTubers I follow that have visited Tokyo really recommend it for first-time travelers as well as for shopping and geek related hotspots. Akihabara and Harajuku are, of course, high up on the list of spots to visit but I am definitely not excluding the rest of the city.


I have had a few friends travel to Ireland before and heard so much about the place. I generally love The British Isles, so seeing the rest is quite enticing. Honestly, I haven’t looked up too much about what all there is to do in Dublin, but I’m certain that won’t be a problem. Things have a tendency of sorting themselves out.

New York

First of all, somehow I find traveling to the U.S. terrifying. I have no real idea on why, but it just seems a lot more stressful than going to e.g. Japan. I am also a person who tries to not let her anxiety rule over her life, so that is why I dream of going there. Los Angeles was also a good second, so I am unsure of what exactly a U.S. trip would look like. We also have some family living there, so once you are on that side of the pond a visit is more or less mandatory. In a good way.


Yes, I snuck in another Japan destination on this list. Kyoto is so rich in history and culture that I just can’t leave it out. Out of all the places in Japan, I do think that this is my favorite spot for learning more about Shinto and the history of the country. As the city was mostly spared during World War II quite a lot of the older buildings and sites are left to visit.