Style is a simple way of saying complicated things. – Jean Cocteau

I have been slowly making my wardrobe look more like… me. Obviously, I still have a bunch of clothes for school that is more business-like. In my free time, I do prefer to wear things in cuter styles, mainly k-fashion and j-fashion inspired. I have realized that my pictures look so much better and I feel much more comfortable in those styles.

I still get a bunch of variation from my wardrobe. I can do something more sexy and revealing or go for something more classy and modest depending on my mood. The clothes also fit me much better nowadays. I can also occasionally find things here that fit the same aesthetic and combine a bunch of what I already have with the few pieces I have ordered online. I am still looking around a bit for places to shop, but have a solid base to start working from.

It’s a bit strange to see that I have almost stopped wearing basic jeans and t-shirt looks nowadays, even if I used to live in that and a hoodie. I never really cared about my looks even if you just go more than a couple of years back. I just started doing little things for myself and noticed that I felt more confident and happier. It didn’t really have to be much, just finding things that I actually liked and wanted to wear. Over time I also started to take care of my skin more, doing makeup and taking pictures. The only thing I feel like I’m seriously missing is hair styling skills, but I might have bribed my sister into giving me lessons when we both have time.

I also don’t know if it’s visible to everyone, but I was freezing so bad while taking these pictures. It was during the first cold-snap and on such a windy day as well… Still, somehow I managed to pull myself together since I so wanted these pictures to be good. I wanted to try something different and mix-and-matchy, as well as needing something to style my earmuffs with. Believing in your outfit makes such a huge difference, especially if you feel really cold and have a hard time to stay confident all the time.

I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for my boots though since those have been with me for ages. I have already had them majorly fixed once, but the wear and tear is starting to show. I am hoping I would find an equally great pair of boots somewhere but haven’t come across anything! I absolutely adore them and will probably be wearing them in lots of pictures as they are so comfy and sturdy, even in the winter.

My wardrobe is still a mess though, don’t worry. I am kind of in the middle of switching out a lot of things, selling some of the things I never used and looking at getting new stuff when my budget allows it.