My SO managed to get me into Warhammer 40k and through that, I really fell in love with miniature painting. I am still very much a rookie at it, but it’s something that I love doing and really enjoy. It takes quite a bit of patience and concentration to do, as well as being a lot of detail work, which means that you simply can’t think about much else while painting. I figured I would show off a few of my works to give you a quick glimpse of what level I am on now. In the future, there will also be a quick “How To” guide coming up for building and painting miniatures, but in the meanwhile, you can learn from the pros at Warhammer TV.

All of these three models are from different ranges of miniatures. The tall one in the back is a slightly modified Harlequin Shadowseer from the Warhammer 40’000 range by Games Workshop. The one with the feather-plumed hat is from the Freeguild General box from the Age of Sigmar range by Games Workshop. The last model on the left is a custom designed miniature made with and by Hero Forge.


The Shadowseer is actually one of the first models that I properly painted. I am still super happy with the look of it even though I still haven’t highlighted the pants. This is more of a display piece more than anything, even if my original plan was to use it for Dungeons and Dragons at some point.

Freeguild General

This mini has a lot of emotional value to me. I actually used it as part of my proposal to my SO a few years back together with an elf sorcerer model. Sadly the elf had broken off from his base when I took it out of the box so it didn’t make it to the photoshoot this time. I had the idea of making miniatures and the rest of the kit just days before we left for the trip and managed to buy, build and paint the models in just two days, which was quite quick for being just the second proper model I was working with. I am also very happy with the results, even if there are a few splotches here and there if you look very closely.



This model was made custom for our current Dungeons & Dragons campaign. She is a tiefling, in other words a half-demon, warlock. I am absolutely in love with this character and I really hope she gets a happy ending even if doesn’t look that great at the moment. She is also my most long-running D&D character (so far) and it’s interesting to see how she evolves during the game. The timid little secretary she started as is slowly turning into a very confident warrior.