Today I’ll give you a look at both Microsoft’s and Bethesda’s E3 press conferences. Since it’s quite a bit of information to take in I have cut out quite a bit of the games that were presented, but don’t worry, there are links to the full presentation at the end in case I missed your favorite titles. I will also be posting the Bethesda part later today to give you a bit of breathing room, so stay tuned!

Microsoft had quite a lot of titles to present, 50 to be exact, so there wasn’t really much room for titles to really tell what their game was about. Hopefully, we will see some of the bigger titles later in the week and get just a bit more information on what they are actually about. Otherwise, the presentations were pretty cool with a few demos on stage and a nice surprise with the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer reveal at the end. Apparently, Microsoft also has their next console in the works, but no information was really dropped yet. It’s probably going to take at least few years before that release is up. At least I hope so for my wallets sake.

Now to the games. I have to admit that out of all the games that were presented the exclusives for the Xbox weren’t really that impressive for me. A new Halo could be nice to try, but as I never really have been exposed to the franchise before it wasn’t really anything to tingle my fancies. What did catch my interest though was Metro: Exodus.

I have seen my SO play the earlier installations in the series (Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light) and were both looking forward to getting back into Artyom’s shoes. Based on the trailers so far there seems to be a bit more to explore than just metro tunnels and I am absolutely down for that. Curiously you also see characters without gasmasks on while outside in the nuclear winter… What changed since the previous games where those were an absolute, life-saving necessity. I still haven’t seen any gameplay, so I’m staying a bit cautious about how it will play on arrival. It definitely looks like it’s staying true to the series with its gritty post-apocalyptic feel and style though. The release day is also relatively soon: February 22nd, 2019.

Now, Kingdom Hearts 3 is my Holy Grail game at this moment. It’s a franchise that I fell in love with as a child and that is finally again in my reach as I have the current generation consoles. I am so absolutely insanely excited to FINALLY be able to say that this game has a release date. The hype is very real for me so seeing all those familiar characters in the trailer as well as the new ones made me almost cry. I was also exalted to see that what I think and theorize to be Riku’s Nobody is a woman. The character design is absolutely gorgeous and I simply can’t wait for the game’s release on January 29th next year. I might also skip my usual Twitch routine to play it on stream once I get my hands on it… Be prepared and headphone users beware as there will be lots and lots of fangirling!

Another game I am SUPER excited about is Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. The game in itself might not be new but is one that I never got my hands on. I am a fan of the Tales of Symphonia games and really hope that this can be as good of an experience. It’s been a while since I have had my hands on a really good JRPG, so it seems like my cravings will finally be sated. Sadly there isn’t a set release date for the game yet, but it should be out in winter 2018.

Even if the first Division game was all but impressive for me I have to admit that The Division 2 did tickle my curiosity. The new story with a corrupt government getting back from hiatus and threatening with civil war is a very interesting theme to explore. I can’t honestly say that I am hyped though as the gameplay in the first game wasn’t really fitting for my playstyle and felt quite exhausting and complicated at times. I will take a look at The Division 2 once it has been out in the wild for a bit after it’s release to make up my mind whether it’s worth purchasing for me or not. The release date for the game is set at March 15th, 2019.

Now… I am not really a fan of hack-n-slash kind of games. I never got far in my tries with an earlier Devil May Cry game as I couldn’t past the first mini-boss. Yet this game is on my list here. Why? Becuase it just looked good. I really like the feel of the trailer and of the little I saw of the combat and I just don’t know why! It’s not a game that I would buy on day one necessarily, but it’s still a title I want to know more of. It was ten years ago the last main title game was released in the series so it will be interesting to see what the studio has created.


Another game where the first installment wasn’t really impressive was Dying Light. I really liked the story and the gameplay except for one thing: Parkour with a first-person camera angle. When part of your core gameplay is to hit tiny ledges while bolting through a city it does feel necessary to see where your feet are. This seems to be carrying over to Dying Light 2 as well, but the premise seems good enough to compensate for it. The virus that one got up close and personal with in the first game has now apparently spread outside of Harran. There are settlements and factions that you can either help or hinder and the choices you make will change how the world reacts to you. Based on what they showed at the conference this could be worth checking out, but not before seeing how it actually works. No release date has yet been published for the game as far as I am aware.

I was surprised to see a peek of Cyberpunk 2077 already at the Microsoft event, but oh boy was it a brilliant moment. The trailer looked very promising and gave a good feel for the style of the game. AS I was a big fan of the studios earlier games, namely the Witcher series, I have very high hopes for this title and really hope it will up to their earlier standards. Hopefully, we will get a bit more information at some other conference where they have more time to tell about their game. A release date hasn’t been presented yet.

Phuh! That is all for Microsoft! As I mentioned earlier in the post I will be releasing my Bethesda opinions as well later today, so do stay tuned and come back later today for more E3 news.
If you want to see the whole press conference you will find it here: Xbox E3